How pink will your town go?

Pink Up Your Town is a fantastic way for the whole community to come together during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). Driven by the dedication and passion of local volunteer groups, Pink Up Your Town is a way to bring together clubs, businesses, schools and neighbours to create a visual show of support for those experiencing breast cancer and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation.

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Volunteering to chair your own committee is something truly special! Members are from all backgrounds, professions and walks of life and are responsible for organising all fundraising activities in their local area

How to Pink Up Your Town

Pink Up Your Town in 4 easy steps

Form your town committee

Now – July

Creating a volunteer committee/volunteer group in your own backyard is a fun and rewarding way to get involved in your community to support something that effects so many people – breast cancer.  Committee members are from all backgrounds, professions and walks of life and together you’ll organise all the fundraising activities in your town.


Pink Up Your Town in 4 easy steps

What your town will do?

July – August

Come together with your Pink Up Your Town committee to plan events for yout local town to enjoy.  It may be a signature event that everyone gets behind, or it may be a series of events your committee brings together with local businesses and community organisations encouraging them to fundraise as well.  We’ll provide all the tips, tricks and fundraising help needed to ensure success.


Pink Up Your Town in 4 easy steps

Get your town involved!

August- September

Start promoting the amazing fundraising activities your commitee has planned for your town – using your local press, social media, ‘whats on listings, and your supporters to help get as many people you can be involved! Many hands make light work – and of course we are here to help along the way!  Committees will have exclusive access to pink items and resources to make the job easy.

Pink Up Your Town in 4 easy steps

Pink Up, have fun and fundraise!

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Your planned fundraising activity comes to life with main streets, store fronts, businesses and sporting events all coming together to Pink Up, and put your town on the map.  Every town is unique so no towns fundraising events and activities will be the same.  There will be balls, fetes, community walks, business donations, town tug a wars, Pink competitions …What can your town do?



Ready to Pink Up Your Town?

If you're interested in raising awareness for breast cancer (and funds for the McGrath Foundation) by championing a Pink Up Your Town committee or local volunteer group, we would love to hear from you!
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Be inspired by towns who Pinked Up in 2018

Pink up your town is a fantastic way to be part of one of the biggest national fundraising initiatives in Australia.

Pink Up Your Town

Griffith NSW

Raised $56,000

Pink Up Griffith brings the pink in their own way, highlighting the best of what the region has to offer. From vineyard fun-runs to the much loved ‘Tradies helping the Ladies’ Pink Up Griffith is a staple on the community calendar.

Colac Pinking Up

Colac Vic

Raised $14,500

Pink Up Colac launched with a kick-off event at a local restaurant that featured, nibbles drinks and set the scene for October. Local shops dressed their windows and ran promotions throughout the month. The month long event came to a close with a gala evening featuring local favourites ‘The Runaways’.

Penrith Pinks Up for McGrath Foundation

Penrith NSW

Raised $40,000

Pink Up Penrith volunteer group was driven by the local chamber of business with a vision to showcase their strong sense of local pride and to show support to families experiencing breast cancer. Large and small business, schools, the Penrith Panther’s Club and local groups got behind Pink Up Penrith in their inagural year.

Pink Up Your Town Mudgee

Mudgee NSW

Raised $45,000

Pink Up Mudgee grows bigger and pinker each year. The first town in Australia to Pink Up, now sees over 280 local businesses and organisations jump on board to create a month long calendar of activities in October. Mudgee is a hard act to follow, the passionate support of this community is fierce.

Across the country, venues are pinking up to support McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

Yungaburra QLD

Raised $26,000

Driven by a small yet inspiring committee, the town of Yungaburra had their sights set on becoming the first ‘Pink Village’. Residents of the small town displayed a splash of pink in a powerful way. There was a pink tug of war, to a car and motorcycle show, and concluded with a Pink ‘Rock And Roll Ball’ for everyone to enjoy.

Pink Up Your Town

Braidwood NSW

Raised $25,000

Pink Up Braidwood truly put the spotlight on the generosity of the local area.  Two main events were stretched across one weekend of activity. The Pink Twilight Markets included fireworks, delicious food, kids activities and a variety of exhibitors. The Pink Gala Ball sold out within 2 days! The event featured guest speakers, a silent and live auction.

hurstville pinking up for the mcgrath foundation

St. George and Hurstville NSW

Raised $11,000

Driven by the passion of local Mayor, the Georges River City Council painted the streets pink by flying pink banners in town centres and adding feature lighting on popular buildings across town. The council also encouraged local schools to participate and for businesses to dress their retail shops in pink and decorate their windows.

Port Pirie Pinks Up for the McGrath Foundation

Port Pirie SA

Raised $7,500

Port Pirie in South Australia, kicked-off their series of events with a High Tea, and turned their entire local market pink. These events stretched throughout the month of October and showed a true sense of a community involvement during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Put your town on the map

Is this the Pinkest town of them all?

Orange, the small city with a big heart in rural New South Wales, has thrown down the gauntlet to other towns, showing just how Pink you can go – by officially changing their name from Orange to Pink in support of the McGrath Foundation!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself below!

The City of Orange has changed it’s name to Pink for April Fools Day! How pink can your town go!

Now we’re calling on towns across Australia to Pink Up their Towns – no jokes!

We’re here to help

As a registered Pink Up Your Town volunteer group, you’ll receive hands-on support from the McGrath Foundation Community team which will help you put your town on the map.

From posters to social media, we’ve created all the templates you need to help you Pink Up Your Town. All materials can be edited to reflect your own community’s name and event detail.

Tips from the Pink Up Your Town experts

Advice from an event organiser

Advice from an event organiser on how to run a successful committee for Pink Up Your Town.

Pinking Up the business community

Pinking Up the local business community for the McGrath Foundation with Pink Up Your Town.

The power of pink

The power of “Pinking Up” and a community raising funds for McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

Can you out pink these amazing towns!

Top 10 towns for Pink Up Your Town 2018

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We’re here to help

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The team here at the McGrath Foundation is here to support you every step of the way to make your fundraising as successful as possible, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Community Fundraising Team.

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